Looking for some feedback

Hey , new to here
Looking for some honest feedback and how I can improve my skill


If these have been created for clients, I would suggest you choose your favorite piece and put it in the Crit Pit for review. Explain the brief or what you were trying to accomplish and then folks will have a base to start from.

As things appear now these are art pieces with no background info. Art is subjective and personal. So bottom line … if you like them … that’s all that matters.

Hope that helps and welcome! :slight_smile:


Thanks !
I’ll try that , just started my graphic design business and at the moment to get some clients I’m posting just examples of creations I’ve completed

You might want to add some text to your designs, to show how they could be used in the real world.

There are free mockups for Photoshop, that you can use to put your design on a magazine cover, as though it had been published.

Like this magazine cover mockup:

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And so it goes…
What kind of clients would you be looking for? They’re gonna have to like being flipped off.
And do you work in anything else besides Photoshop?


Excellent thanks , I’ll try that , appreciate it

I don’t use photoshop

And I’m looking for the up coming generation , these are my clientele

You have an eclectic and varied style, which could lend itself to lots of different uses. It’s good.

Your work isn’t what would typically be considered graphic design, though. It’s more along the lines of illustration than design. Looking through your website, I didn’t even notice the words illustration or illustrator being mentioned.

Just from a marketing perspective, that distinction could make a difference. People searching for designers might find your work, then move on since it’s not really graphic design. Those searching for illustrators or illustrations might not find your work at all.

Unless you plan on making a push into graphic design, I think you might have better luck promoting yourself as an illustrator, not a designer.

This is fine, but remember it’s not the up-and-coming generation that is currently hiring illustrators — it’s their parents. So even if your style is directed at a younger audience, you also need to focus your marketing on those who will actually be commissioning your work.

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Then I will rephrase,
do you use any other software besides a raster image editor? (as opposed to vector line art.)

There was nothing on your website that indicated to me that you use a layout program.

As Mr. B said, the art comes across as more illustration than graphic design. If your market is mix tape and album covers, that is fine. But logo design, not so much. Commercially viable logos are not made in raster image editor programs.

Thanks Mr-B I really do appreciate your feedback.
It does make things more clearer now

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