Looking for Student Graphic Designers

The ---- are Looking for Graphic Designers for our content creation team

As part of the content creation team you will:

  • Have access to training

  • guidance and support throughout projects

  • 1 on 1 sessions alongside improvement plan

  • work alongside editors and staff to create professional standard projects

  • and much more…**

DM for Further Info
and feel free to add me on Discord: -------------
What we expect from you.

  • A professional work flow
  • To help us out with projects and create great content for our community!

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I believe you may want to try the classified section. I would keep in mind graphic designers work for money.

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Are you sure you need new designers?

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It is for Student that want to improve their skills

Yes we are looking for People that want to help us
And people that want to improve!

IOW, free work?

All People who work in the industry will want to improve.
What is the remuneration package?

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Add me on Discord so i can forward you to my Command Officer

Yes, it is free work but we have Trainings and help you improve

That’s really lame - if you’re making money from other people’s work then you should pay them for making you money.

That’s how the real world works.

we are not earning money it is for our content creation team

Sorry, but this is a professional graphic design forum. We don’t work for free, nor do the forum rules permit asking for free work. You’ve also earned yourself a suspension from the forum.

I’m closing this topic.


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