Looking into the origins of the Pokémon logo

Hello, every I’m a graphic designer that’s been a fan of the series for ears and always wondered how the Pokémon logo came to be. I heard the logo was designed by Ken Sugimori and wondered what font used as the basis for the Pokémon logo. So far the closest candidate I’ve font so far is the font ITC Kabel Std Ultra that’s been hand modified. Do you agree with my assessment? Disagree? Or did you have another font in mind that Sugimori could have used?

On the side, I design typefaces — like many other people. A type or lettering designer would find it better to start from scratch with a new idea rather than modify someone else’s already-designed font.

I don’t know anything about Ken Sugimori. But if I had been asked to design the Pokémon logo, I would have sketched out a few dozen ideas with a pencil, refined what I came up with, and then redrawn my best ones in Illustrator. I wouldn’t have based the lettering on any already-existing typeface.

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