Looking to do an informational interview

Hi everyone, I have an assignment for a class where I need to interview someone about their job and do a write up about it. Since I’m aiming for a career in graphic design, it would make the most sense for me to find someone in the field to interview so that I can get more insight on it. Is there anyone here who has the time and would be willing to share their experiences? We could do it over PM or email, or I could just send you the questions, and you can answer them whenever it’s convenient. Thanks for reading!

(Also I read the rules but I’m still not sure if a post like this is allowed. I understand if not.)

What you’ve asked is perfectly fine.

Student surveys have usually gotten a better response with an online questionnaire. SurveyMonkey, for example, has a free plan of up to 10 questions (never used it myself, but others have).

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Just post the questions here and you’ll probably get 10 replies from 10 professionals that can’t resist filling out questionaires.

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I’m one of the “Old Guys” who (because I am retired) have the time to help you out. I would prefer the Question & Answer format. FYI, I spent 50-years as a Creative Professional. Just send me a private email message on this forum with a URL link to your survey.

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@PopsD I sent a message.