Looking to improve logo

Hi, we are an F1 in Schools team looking to improve our logo.
We want to make it more eye catching and also incorporate our two team words extreme and streamline in the imagery.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Are you asking for free work on your logo?
Or opinions on this particular solution?

What does the X represent?
Why is the “S” separated from Streamline?
If the squiggly line at the top is nothing more than decoration, I would lose it.

  • Find a readable font.
  • Keep extreme and streamline as separate words.
  • Drop shadows usually don’t work on logos.
  • The car is too complicated. Either simplify it or use a flag or checkers instead.


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Just looking for ideas on ways to improve it.


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It’s way to complicated with too many dissimilar pieces competing for attention.

Choose one idea and focus on that. Good logos are simple.

I agree that its a bit too complex, I like the overall streamline vibe but (this opinion will probably differ) I think if you’re going for the kinetic motion vibe, maybe play that up a bit, cause right now the only aspect that suggests motion is the angle of the lettering.

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