Looking to recreate this font

I am trying to recreate this effect onto a font. I’m mostly self taught in Illustrator, I just need a bit of help pointing to the effects displayed here.

It’s doable in Illustrator with a bunch of work, but I’m guessing the effects you mentioned were done in Photoshop. The drop shadow and bevel layer effects would make this sort of thing easier.

Yes I agree. The path would have been a lot more logical when done in Illustrator. Or could be the singer not the song.

I may have misspoken or there is a bit of confusion, I’m just trying to recreate it, not necessarily make a type font. If I have to turn these into lines and add effects to mimic it, so be it.

I’m hoping this clarifies things. Unfortunately I don’t have photoshop, but I do need to recreate it for a project. Any links to tutorials would be appreciated. I’m willing to do the legwork on figuring out how to do it, I just don’t know what terms to search.

Try playing around with these settings.


Forgot to reply back, this helped. Thank you.

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