Lyle’s Golden Syrup

After 140 years, Lyle’s Golden Syrup changed its logo and packaging. I’ve never heard of this company or product since it’s a British thing, but I like the new look. It preserves the old-fashioned appearance with a more modern treatment. The lion logo on the old packages is pretty awful — it looked like a dead lion.


It is a dead lion … being swarmed by bees :wink:

The only thing I hate about it … the upside down opening. Those type of containers are always filled with product and get sticky and sometimes so stuck you have to run them under hot water to open them. I prefer a traditional opening and I avoid them. It looks like the tin can will still be available according to their website.

This company also makes Black Treacle both products fascinate me. I learned about them both from watching Two Fat Ladies. They were a riot to watch cook.

Our equivalent would be Honey or Light Corn Syrup for the Golden Syrup and Molasses for the Black Treacle.



It’s macabre. It’s wired, but it is such a cultural icon. Although the new one is undoubtedly better, I don’t love it. It feels like someone just replaced my childhood teddy bear and tried to convince, it’s the same one.

Even the awkward tins are part of childhood. Prizing the lid off with the back of a teaspoon (I’ve bent a few cheap ones in the past) is just part of our collective history.

No no, just no. Leave it alone.


It sounds like the new one is an alternate for some types of their packaging, and they are keeping the dead lion on the tins. Wise decision, and I’m curious why more companies don’t use this strategy. You can buy Pepsi in packaging from different eras. I always gravitate to the 1970s look since that’s what I grew up with. Doritos is another one. They’ve got the contemporary design that’s being marketed to young people, but they also offer a version using their packaging from 40-50 years ago that’s more familiar to an older generation.

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It is a dead lion.

We used to get “real” maple syrup in a tin that you had to use a spoon to get the lid off. Hated that stuff and tasting the ‘real’ thing from the farm up the street, I’m not convinced that old stuff was really real.

I do like ketchup with the lid opening on the bottom. That way you don’t get the runny stuff at the top of the bottle. But I avoid honey containers like that. More than once I’ve found the honey bottle standing in a pool of stickiness for not closing the cap properly at breakfast.


It is a dead lion - not just being swarmed by bees, they have built their hive inside the lion. It’s supposed to indicate how ‘golden’ and ‘noble’ the syrup is. “Out of the strong came forth Sweetness” indeed.

That said, this is a taste from my childhood, one that I recently rediscovered. Like hearing a forgotten favourite song again. Grandma used it in cakes and cookies/biscuits, and it’s great on pancakes. It’s also fabulous on vanilla ice cream.

Black treacle is another old favourite, used to make cinder toffee and Parkin amongst other things, traditional on Bonfire Night.


:cry: yuck, meat bees. I was happier thinking it was fried chicken with legs


At first, I thought I was imagining the lion looking dead and surrounded by flies, which made no sense. After reading through the story PrintDriver linked to, I understand now that it’s a biblical reference. It’s still awfully weird, though.

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