Lyric video graphics

Hello, I don’t know if this is the correct spot to post and ask this question but it makes the most sense given the categories on the site.

I use OpenShot Video Editor for creating lyric videos. One day I would like to get to Davinci Resolve and do them but for now, it’s easier learning, time-wise, and more efficient to use OpenShot. My PC wouldn’t be able to handle Davnincii for long periods of time it handles it okay but not well at all which is why i don’t use it on my PC. Openshot runs fine on my PC. Also, you have to be good at graphic design to a point if you want to do well w/putting lyric videos together.

Since I am not good at graphic design (yet trying to get better) I use open shot and motion videos and or stills on a loop with lyrics and music to get the job done.

I would love to get better at graphic design and motion in lyric videos that I see on youtube that are more ‘professional’.

An example of a simple professional one is here:

or a more in-depth one here:

All of that being said I had a few questions. Lately, I’ve wanted to do the thing where you have text over a picture or two like this image below.

The video that screenshot came from is below so you can see how its ‘used and not used’

In all my attempts doing that in openshot I get this result below. I used microsoft word to get the red blocks straight and then tried to do text on them and save it as a image and use that in openshot. Tried just saving a template with the red blocks and putting the lyrics in openshot and then uploading the blocks each slide but the words never stay in line and it always looks funky. It never looks straight how they have it in the freedom video above and i don’t know how to get it to do that! I’ve tried numerous things.

The stuff I do takes me about 2 hours from start to finish depending on the song. I don’t do anything super fancy, its basic but serves its purpose.

I also wondered, how long does it take you guys to do these?
That is, if anyone has or does lyric videos for fun.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

When a paid software package does almost everything, 2 hours is a very short time to set texts.

If I did it, it would take a whole bunch more hours, and that’s just to do basic subtitling integrated into YouTube.
(Without effects)

But I’d just say that you run the risk of having a problem for your channel, a problem of licensing and rights to use music with lyrics, the risk is that when your channel becomes monetizable,

The singers will be notified of your video, and they’ll be able to decide from home whether to demonetize the video, or take all the revenue generated by your video, or delete the audio, and yes youtube has changed, musicians are treated like premium customers, or there’ll be no penalty.

go and see if you want this channel:

there are plenty of videos where he talks about music and audio

@FoxAlpha Thank you for the reply. I will check out the channel. What do you mean when a paid software package does almost everything?

To be clear none of it is being shared or posted anywhere. It’s just to learn the software and look at different ways of design. Its not on a channel of any kind.

Well, the software I use to create the texts has almost no effect, you have to do it manually.

Because you wanted to know if 2 hours, if you could do less, I answer that no, it will perhaps take me double or even triple minimum. (your video 2 is full of effects, it’s great)

It depends on the software used, if there are ready models it can go very quickly, my video editing software has lots of recording effects, it would be impossible for me to do the video editing, with my 2D animation program, (it would take too much time)

Thank you for the response. I appreciate it.

I use Open Shot and its literally plain jane, no effects. It just whatever still (w/possible transitions) or motion background w/displaying text lyrics (just plain whatever font). The longest part is listening to the song and lining up the lyrics to display at the proper time/in the correct sequence. It isn’t anything wonderful by any means.

My main question, was how do they get the lyrics to stay centered as in the lyric video shown?

I tried using openshot and as you can see the text isn’t even and it isn’t lined up which makes me wonder if i need to do something different or if the program itself isn’t capable of doing such a thing.

Eventually I want to use DaVinci Resolve (free) but I am just trying to get used to open shot now and my current pc can’t handle Davinci Resolve but it can handle Open Shot.

Thank you in advance for info./advice.

I don’t know it’s programs, there is perhaps a forum dedicated to this software.