Mac OS Catalina update- check your apps before doing this update!

The new Mac OS update is dropping soon.
Word of warning, NONE of your 32-bit apps will run on it.
Here’s an article that tells you how to check before you do that bleeding edge update.

1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen.

2. Select About This Mac .

3. Click System Report .

4. Scroll down to the Software section and click Applications .

5. On the right, you’ll see a list of apps and a column labeled 64-Bit (Intel) . If any of those apps have a No in that column, it means they’re not 64-bit apps, so you’ll need to update them or find a replacement before you get the MacOS Catalina update.


Bumping this as the new OS is due out this month.
For all you bleeding edgers (or the ones that just let their computer do the auto update.)

A surprising number of my helper softwares are affected by this.
Gonna be a couple months before I do this update.


I normally auto update. I’ve got all new computers since the last update so will be interesting to see if it’s smooth sailing. Finger crossed.

The computer should be fine.
It’s all about your software.
Lots of little things are going to crop up.
Some of the legacy Adobe CS6 programs I have on my work computer in case of emergency. InD CS6 will not work. But Illy CS6 will.

Slowly whittling it down.

Not only that. Please be aware that Apple has substantially altered the security model of this version of macOS. So besides the 32-bit compatibility issue, that’s something to test, as legacy apps might choke on that.

Best advice: TEST using a clone! And clone BEFORE you test!

So clone your current system, update to Catalina (if you can’t wait) and test test test. If it works immediately, great. If not, you can always revert using the clone (TimeMachine is not good for reverting to an older system of macOS and Apple doesn’t provide other methods).

I use CCC to clone my systems. SuperDuper is an alternative and I am sure there are more.

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