MacBook & (all) projectfiles? Or size matters

Hi folks

my all-day-work-station is a MacBook Pro. Combined with a Synology NAS in the bureau and an external 2 TB USB-C Drive that syncs with that NAS. Thats because I have a lot of customers and need access to a lot of data so I can stay “in the workflow” without searching for older files, designs, projects etc.

But I wonder: is there a better way? Especially the fact that I have to plug / unplug the external Drive every time and everywhere I work …

Or the other way around: how does everyone of you who has a laptop works with a lot of projectfiles?

Thank you for your comments on this topic! :slight_smile:


My first thought is - swap out your internal HD for a bigger one. The new Macbook Pro can take an 8TB internal SSD. It might be worth asking about an upgrade.

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^Then get a backup drive that can hold that.
Nothing worse than dropping 8TBs of work into a mud puddle while getting off the bus.

thats not the problem; the Drive is syncing the NAS which has also a backup-strategy … :wink:

I understood the problem to be using the external and having to plug + unplug it all the time.

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