MacBook or MacBook Air?

I’m looking to get a laptop. As much as I would like to, I can’t really afford a MacBook Pro. Will a MacBook or Air suffice? I’ll be running CS6 so not even CC. Suggestions?

Both will run CS and CC software, but get as much memory as you can afford. The big problem is not with horsepower but with the small display size. If you don’t mind working on a small screen, you should be fine.

We have people at work using MacBook Airs (writers and copy editors) who are running CC apps with no problems. They tend to be light users of the Adobe apps, but they use them with no problems. Each, however, does have their Airs connected to larger secondary monitors when at work.

ok, this is weird. The Macbook Air weighs more than the Macbook.

Here is a comparison:

Be sure you don’t need USB ports if you get the Air. You can pay $49 (or more) for a Thunderbolt to USB adapter if needed.

Here’s a comparison of the Macbook to the lowest end Macbook Pro.
Same price but you get a bit more power with the Pro, but with the Pro, be sure you don’t need the USB or again, you pay for the adapter.

In all cases, max out your ram to 16. You can’t upgrade your ram later. It’s soldered in at the factory. And I’d suggest going for the 512 SSD. If you go Pro, go for the 1TB.
You’d be surprised how little disk space 512 turns out to be sometimes.

Oh, I would definitely get another monitor. Thanks for your suggestions. I was told the MacBook Airs can’t really handle Adobe CC/CS, but if it has enough memory then I don’t really see the problem. Oh yea, what’s the deal with the Air weighing more? Weird.

Which brings me to my next question. This is my first laptop so I need help deciding on a monitor. Any suggestions for the 13" MacBook Pro?

Whatever you get, you’ll need a thunderbolt adapter to plug in whatever kind of monitor you get.
Apple also seems to think that their notebooks aren’t used on any kind of network except wireless… Annoying.

Any suggestions on a monitor brand?


Things change too often, and I doubt any of us really keeps up on everything out there — although some might have some favorite brands. Models within brands differ like crazy, though, so I wouldn’t go by brand name. Besides, most of them tend to use the same basic parts.

If I were you, I’d do a few Google searches, then pick the one with the best all-round reviews that’s in your size and price range with the features and resolution you want.

No matter which Mac laptop you choose, you’re going to get a similar overall experience.

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