MacBook Pro might be dying?

I have a 15" MacBook Pro that I bought new in 2014 (it dates from late 2013). I’m using OS 10.13.6 on it and can provide other details if needed.
It’s served me very well over the years, being an awesome machine that has allowed me to run Adobe programs on it plus others. In recent months, however, there have been a couple troubling signs that it might be on its last legs. It has abruptly shut down 3 times. The first time was around March of this year, and then a couple times in June. Just lately, however (all of July & Aug.), it’s been running fine with no issues.
Occasionally, it gets very hot, especially noticeable when I occasionally use it on my lap (I now know you’re not supposed to do this so I avoid it.).
At any rate, has anyone had anything similar happen to their MacBooks and how much time does it have left? I do have an iMac as a backup and I do back up my MacBook daily.
Thanks in advance.

I have a late 2013 retina and it also gets extremely hot. Had the battery replaced a few months ago and it still gets hot. So hot you cannot even touch the mag plug, but only if it is at low charge. It isn’t so bad if I just let it charge while shut off instead of charging it while still using it.

The shut off thing sounds like a kernel panic. Do you get the black screen with all the languages that said your computer shut down due to an error?

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Computers are designed to shut down when they get so hot that it risks damaging their components. So a sudden shutdown of a very hot computer isn’t necessarily a sign of trouble. As PrintDriver mentioned, some Macintoshes can get very hot.

Then again, there really could be a problem with your computer that causes it to shut down too soon when it gets warm. Have you checked your fan to see if it’s working? Have you checked any vents to see if they’re clear of dust? Unfortunately, you just can’t pop a MacBook open to see.

I’m running a year-old Mac Mini here at home. When I’m working on processor-intensive tasks, the thing gets so hot I could almost fry an egg on it. It has shut down numerous times from overheating, so I bought a base for it to sit on that has its own fan blowing air up onto the computer. Since doing that, I’ve had many fewer problems with it.

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I believe I get the black “error” screen. But the last shut down was so long ago (over 2 months?) that I can’t remember.

Regarding the fan: Occasionally (and very rarely) I will hear it noisily whirring away. But again, this is usually after it’s been on my lap or when it not been used on a hard cool surface such as a desk.

I’m feeling encouraged by these replies and by the fact that the MacBook has not abruptly shut down for at least 2 months. It seems to mainly act up when it’s not located on a cool/hard desk surface. It seems that good ventilation & where it’s placed are crucial. So I’m optimistically hoping it will be OK for some time.

Did you Happen to have any external devices connected when the shutdowns occurred? I’ve had issues like that with some thunderbolt cables.
Check /Applications/Utilities/Console, it logs kernel panics. If you had one from a few months ago, it should be listed.

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Thanks… I might have, the first time back in March. We were watching an online TV show and had the MacBook displaying through a TV screen. The MacBook may have been sitting on a chair, ie not properly ventilated.

Oh, yeah, that’ll do it. Had that happen streaming a live concert to a TV with the mac on the carpeted floor.
Had to quickly switch over to another PC laying around but definitely, cool hard surface. I might actually invest in Just Bs cooling platform. Even on my desk, with a wacom, trackball, Photoshop and Poser open it still gets pretty darn warm and I really can’t layout the cash for a new one at the moment.
All I can suggest is backup backup backup.

What sorta concerns me though is macs have a history of catching fire (some of the older iMacs were notorious for it.) Haven’t heard anything about macbooks though. But if I red-line the battery, I won’t plug it in unless I’m in the vicinity. Usually when shut off and charging it only gets mildly warm but I don’t want to take a chance.

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Have you considered sending it to Louis Roseman in New York. He has a youtube and is a professional mac repair guy?

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Thanks! I agree, Good points. A little concerning about the fire issue though!

Thanks! But I live in Canada and I’m not too keen too keen to ship it out right now, especially during “COVID”.

Thanks again for all of this helpful feedback. Based on the above (i.e. the need to use it in a cool, well-ventilated location) and the fact that it’s been fine for the last 2-3 months, I’m cautiously optimistic that it might be OK. Feeling hopeful and encouraged. :slight_smile:

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