MacBook vs Macbook pro for student

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I’m looking into getting an apple laptop because my school primarily uses iMacs for design. I want something I can use for a long time. My last laptop was a dell I got in the end of 2010 and its finally dying. After school I will use the same computer for work hopefully.

Was hoping to get some clarification on this. The difference in the macbook vs macbook pro is $1000. Is it worth it for me to spend the extra $1000 if I can?

Whats the biggest difference between the two?

Thank you!!

Here’s a comparison between the macbook and the 15" macbook pro:

Here’s a comparison between the Macbook and the only slightly larger 13" macbook pro:

Pay close attention to the amount of ssd space, the amount of ram and the number of ports available.

I’d highly recommend you get the 16gigs of ram. None of these laptops is upgradable for ram. You can’t add more later. If you can afford it, I’d go with the 32 if you want it to last you several upgrades.

I use ports. You may want to port a larger monitor when working at a desk. When at work I hardwire to an ethernet connection as well as a larger monitor. I also have a DVD drive to watch or listen to stuff I still have at home on disk. And I have an SD card writer/reader. Of course that means buying a pile of adapters…

I’d also consider at least the 512gig SSD drive. The smaller ones are too small. At least for my graphic applications (wide format digital prints.)

Also consider a backup drive.

I’d also suggested 16gb ram and 512gb ssd, but that will cost you in apple dollars… Highly recommend their refurbished section for some good savings.

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