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Hello All,
just a quick funny one! I am designing a cover for a local A5 magazine I help with. I based it on the cover of ‘Hello’ magazine, would I get into trouble with this? Thank you,

Without seeing the cover of Hello, I’m not familiar with this magazine, and the cover of your magazine, it’s tough to say. But if you have to ask, then the answer is probably yes. Come up with something original.

Thank you

You’re welcome.

I am assuming you are in the UK. The usually correct – and safest – answer is, no you can’t do it. However, there are some exceptions. Have a look at:

I assume the only reason you’d do it are to parody, in which case, you may be OK using it in part. but do read the government site.

If you are concerned then ask the question of a copyright lawyer.

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Hi there. So when I was learning graphic design we were taught that it’s okay to take inspiration from other works so long as it’s not a direct copy. So for instance, you could use some layout elements that you like from Hello Magazine (like the main image breaking the frame and overlapping the title which they do a lot,) but it would be best to steer away from making the magazine title bold white letters inside a red box just like they do. Does that make sense? Maybe even look around at other magazines and see if they have some elements you like that can be adapted into your design to make something that’s truly yours. In design, pretty much everything has been done before in some capacity; we just adapt and build on old ideas to make new ones. So just remember: inspiration, not duplication!

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Thank you for help, you are very informative

You mean bold white letters in a red box like this?
Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 9.43.34 AM

All bold white letters in red boxes are illegal!
Just kidding, you can do whatever you like so long as someone can’t hold up your magazine cover next to Hello and say “it’s the same picture.”