Just wondering if many folks here use Mailchimp? I’m using this to put out digital versions of newsletters and InDesign/Adobe for their print versions.

At any rate, does anyone here know if you can change the width of your newsletter designs in Mailchimp, or change the column widths? Can explain more later. Thanks in advance.

I don’t use Mailchimp, but this is from their help section:

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Thanks for this. Yes, I did find this link last night. But I still had trouble following their instructions – will try this again today.

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Thanks so much for this suggestion. Long story short, it worked! It seems very convoluted and quirky, but I was successful. Really appreciate this suggestion.

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Thanks again for your help with this. As mentioned, I was able to successfully solve this as suggested, but now I’m wondering if my slightly wider newsletter may not display correctly on some phones or devices? Just curious before I send out my now slightly wider newsletter. Cheers, Rob

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