Make character illustration fast?

For people who cannot draw, is there a software to help create 2D character in custom poses?

I see templates like this on various stock photo sites that you can load into illustrator to create custom character.

Is there an even faster solution? Perhaps a software that comes with these templates and allows you to make a new custom character in a few minutes?

I hope not.
Though I’m sure there is. Somewhere.
Except, if the software has stock art templates, then it isn’t custom, is it. And if you can’t draw, well…

(waiting for other shew…3…2…)

Mmmm! Get a pencil out and learn. Nothing worth having comes easily. If it is way beyond your skill set, hire a illustrator / animator and charge your client the going rate for the job. It’s time consuming work and doesn’t – and shouldn’t – come cheap.

Why is this under “Traditional Illustration”?

Sure you can have Fast and Quality. It just won’t be cheap.

Fast, Quality, Cheap
Pick any two.

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