Make hair grey in Adobe Illustrator

Hi All,

afro What would be the best way to go about making this flat icon of an afro grey. Thanks so much.

I’m confused. Is it already a shape in Illustrator? If so, select it and change its color.

I feel like we’re being pranked.

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On so many levels too.

Just leave it alone for twenty years.

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Haha. In my rush to post I wanted to make his hair a mixture of black and grey. I don’t know if the free transform gradient is the way to go or if anyone would suggest another option.

Depends on what you are doing with the icon. And what you want the “mixture” to look like. That icon looks distinctly mid-70s to begin with.

Hi PrintDriver, I am wondering how I would do “salt and pepper” hair (grey hair with a few black parts). I tried with the free transform but I don’t know if the mesh tool would have been better to use. I probably needed to create more color points but I didn’t to want it to look too haphazard.

Like @PrintDriver said, it’s hard to give direct advice. Can you do a quick mockup in something like Photoshop to show what look you are trying to generally achieve?

I have a feeling if they could do a quick mockup, they’d have their answer… :wink:

Maybe we should start with what format is the icon and what program they might be thinking about doing this in and then maybe what output format they want.

Well, they mention illustrator, so I imagine they want to keep it all vector, which can be challenging, but a quick raster mockup may help to understand what they are generally trying to do. Or maybe if the OP can provide an image through a web search that has the effect that they are trying to achieve.

ha, didn’t see the title.
I did a web search for reference images, and graying afros that look like that are not a thing, near as I can tell. And quite honestly, anything I can think of to do that kind of texture, I’d be afraid of insulting someone somewhere.

Best bet is to find a stock vector texture in black and white. There are millions of them. Set whatever to gray (background or highlights) and be done with it.

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 1.01.12 PM

Was gonna say the same thing - look up hair textures in vector

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