Making a new responsive site for myself.. beta

I’m making this page:

to replace since I really need to get a full time job doing something in my field.

Depending on when you click on the link you may see it in a different phase as it’s under construction… it will be like that until I update this post :smiley:

Feel free to give me your insight on it as i’m working on it. If you want to do that with screenshots; please do.

I don’t think it’s good. Sad face.

As I am brainstorming and designing at the same time, I’m thinking about the responsiveness and what everyone else is doing with their responsive site… fun times. :smiley:

I probably shouldn’t even post this as it is in early stages but i am one of those peeps that doesn’t do things for themselves but always more for others. So need to figure out how to best present myself. Ideas exploding but time is so limited.