Making & finding clip art, illustrations, elements

Hi. I’m new here and thankful to have found this forum. I am interested in learning all things Adobe. I have some college background in design, but it has been many moons ago. I have had a sign shop where I ran a different program. I am interested in learning where to find clip art like this? I understand about Adobe’s free stock art and all that, but they have nothing similar. Am I missing something? This is a Powder Gun. Not an every day item. Not something you can find in a lot of stores. Truly, I think you’d have to buy something or have one right in front of you to be able to draw it. I say that because I don’t believe this has been made just on the fly, but then again, I could be wrong.
In my old design software there’s tons of little elements that we could add to create our logos and designs.

Can someone please tell me where to find art like this?
Or how to make it? What app I would need to use in Adobe.

I guess I need to say too, I’m not referring to the logo itself, but the powder gun only.

I doubt you’ll find many stock illustrations for something as specific as a powder-coating gun. There are, however, photos of them that came up using a Google search. If it were, me, I would draw one myself in Adobe Illustrator.

If you Google stock art, dozens of online stock services will come up. Most also have illustrations of various sorts in addition to photos. For example, iStockPhoto or Shutterstock are good places to look. As I said, though, I doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Thank you for the quick reply. That is helpful to know.

I guess my next question would be, is it possible in Adobe’s suite to take a photo of a powder gun and trace it in there or insert it so I can do my own art work on top of it?

There’s an auto-trace function in Illustrator, but it’s not all that great if aesthetics and accuracy are what you’re after.

You can also take a photo and place it on a layer (the template layer is made for this). You can adjust the opacity of that layer to whatever you’d like, which will enable you to draw over the top of the photo on another layer.

Perfect! Thank you so much for your help.

Another thing to watch out for is that licences for stock images often don’t allow for them to be used in logos.

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The auto trace feature is really only good for tracing a sketch you did by hand.

So you could technically print it out, sketch over it with tracing paper and scan it in.

That being said tracing over it with the pen tool would be as effective.

But then the image you copy it from is copyrighted.
So you are probably best to look at a few online and hand draw a few variations.

Seems like this logo has been copied and changed slightly in various places