Man buys a fake Picasso to discover it could be real

What would you do? Keep it or sell it?

My inclination would be to keep it as an appreciating asset, but I’d be inclined to loan it to a museum where it would be safer than it would in my house. Not that we live in a bad area or anything, but I could see my grandson – or even one of my kids for that matter – flinging a toy or ball or something across the room and taking it out.


I’d probably keep it as well and will it to someone who would appreciate it.

… Although I doubt I would buy anything Picasso … just not my cup of tea. I know … I know … he was brilliant … yadda yadda lol :wink: A lot of his stuff weirds me out. I’m more of a Renaissance appreciator.

Although no matter who it is, I’ll never be rich enough to afford original works … so it’s all a wash lol :smiley:

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Hey, it’s art. You are free to like it or not. Rembrandt was an amazing artist, a lot of people love his work, and I can appreciate it; but I find his paintings dark for my taste.

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Agreed :slight_smile:

Sell it. In a heartbeat.
If I was content with a repro Picasso, £750K will buy a lot of repros… Or 1 repro and a nice house to put it in.


I was going to say exactly this. The image itself is what appeals - I would not be interested in having an original because of the hassle.

I would probably keep it. It would be money in the bank for retirement or a rainy day. In the mean time, I’d likely do what Steve mentioned: loan it out to the local museum.

And then hope it doesn’t become part of another Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum heist.
Insurance is a large out of pocket expense not covered by “appreciating assets.”

Probably still less risky than investing money from the sale in the market or splurging on a Lamborghini. :wink:

Meh, Lamborghini’s are overrated. And they depreciate.
I stick with my original post on the topic.

I would sell it immediately if I could get 750k for it. If I was rich already I would probably keep it in hope the value increases.

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