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New to the new site so I hope this is the right category…
Lately I’ve been checking sites that post projects and designers bid for work. Most of them charge bid fees or membership fees.

Bidding prices can add up, so I do not follow through on these. Previously my clients were through word of mouth, friend of friends. I do all the social media, network when I can. I’m trying to boost my clientele.

Silly question: Are there any sites where you can bid jobs for free or inexpensively?

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Those fees are a bummer. I’ve been doing most of my freelance by word of mouth too.

I would say craigslist, but I never tried it.

On another thread, I’ve been imagining a future where your personal computers use blockchain technology to search for graphic design jobs while you sleep. While your computer is looking for the next available job, it’s verifying the transactions of other graphic design jobs to pay for it’s access to the network. The only thing you pay for is electricity to keep your computer running while you sleep.

I tried craigslist and get a barrage of solicitors hitting me back. not familiar enough with block chain to consider that…right now I get inundated with emails from thumbtack and Bark but those are paying to bid ones. I should unsubscribe…

Word of mouth is great if the client is of high-quality. Lately I’ve had to chase people for my last payment. I’m tired of chasing at this point. Bid sites seem to be loaded with people from other countries who will always go lower than you. I don’t even bother, Not sure what the next step is for my future as a freelancer.

Re: Last payment. Use contracts but if last payment is still a problem I usually send lo res proof for print or use water mark to render it unusable until they pay in full.

Yes I found same, many bid sites are getting lower bids.

I’m a full time freelancer and all my work is from word of mouth. I think it would be useful to focus on tips on how to lean on your existing networks. Not so that you are constantly selling yourself to existing clients, friends and family but so that you are the first person they think of whenever someone they know asks for a recommendation.

Another option is to sign up to an agency who represent you. I personally haven’t had any success in this as a GD but a friend who works in web has had plenty.

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I have found a lot of value in Facebook groups. I have actually gotten 2-3 proposals just from FB groups this past month. Do you have a website already?

Dfrag: Yes I have a website I’ll be updating soon. (Many web sites to maintain as I promote my music as well.) I have gotten some work from FB not so much from the groups though more FB friends. Can you tell me what type of groups? or specific page? thnx

Buda: I do get longer graphics assignments from headhunter, placement temp agencies. I use them when I can commit to an in-house assignment. Right now I’m trying to get more freelance, work from home situations due to my erratic schedule. Any suggestions of agencies that deal in smaller term projects, I’d be interested in. thnx

Sure. If you’re looking for marketing work join “Facebook ad hacks” its put on by a girl named Cat Howell (from NZ) who is a millionaire now from selling her “funnels” to other marketers on FB. It’s a joke, but the group is really solid and you can learn alot.

Other areas of interest on FB: Small business owners (great to get new leads), SEO/SEM groups (watch out for the Indian run ones, they are awful and full of black hat advice) and other marketing/advertising groups. I have gotten quite a bit of work from other “digital marketers” who sold a service but hired white label behind it (aka, me).

Let me know if you have any other questions. You will def see me around the FB ad hacks group as I am pretty active on that one.

Having a website sorted out is definitely your priority. Also don’t limit yourself to groups on social media, but make business pages too. Feed profiles with relevant info about your business and obviously keep the branding nice and consistent. Even if you don’t have time to share content every day, it does help to have online presence, and all these social media profiles can point to your website. That’s good for your SEO, which means your website will rank better on Google. Adding your business to Google is also useful because local people might find you easier. Basically all under digital marketing umbrella. :slight_smile:

Buzz marketing is the best way to add the client in your list but the buzz should always come from a branded or high quality client than only it will work in a proper way .Its always better if you want more client than just do SEO for your website so it will be visible to your area business partner and help you to get more client on board .

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