Mastercard Dropped its Name from its Logo

Pretty soon the will drop the word “card” and you can just call them “Master”

Personally I’d rather look forward to a phoneless future. And you can forget RFID chips. At that stage it’s too late to save that society.

This reminds me of that old logo meme that was floating around awhile back where it projected the future of logos as being simple shapes and nothing more.

It’s the one where the Starbuck’s logo eventually turns into a green circle.

It’s an enviable position to have such a strong and well-known brand that a written name isn’t even necessary.

I remember when BankAmericard changed it’s name to Visa. Just looked it up. Geech, that was back in 1976. I’m really getting old.

I saw a news report the other day about how China has mostly skipped over the whole credit card thing and gone directly from cash to using mobile phone payments. I’ll be a holdout if that happens here —my iPhone just won’t fit in my wallet, and unlike many others, I just don’t want to carry my phone with me everywhere I go.

Dumbing Down.

Over 65% of Americans 25 years or older don’t have a college degree … average military enlistment age is 21.

And to relate/sell all kinds of design theory to that vast population of spending power mentioned above … design profs chant sacred verses such as … Less is More … and dabble their followers/students into the light of Simplicity … higher education gets hollowed out and any deeper understanding gets run over by the military might of Dumbing Down for any graduate thereof!

I have hope … a recent study showed cursive writing is making a comeback in American elementary schools.

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