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Anyone watching the guy on Adobe Max this morning printing on an old press with wooden type?
It’s actually about books I think. I’m gonna have to check it out later. I have to work :cry:


Didn’t see it! Linky?

It’s a live feed, so may be just filler stuff. Available through the CC Manager widget. I don’t know what they are onto now.


I’ve been popping in and out of this. I can’t sit here and completely pay attention, so I have it running in the background like a radio station.

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I sort of have it running in the background too as I work, but so far, there’s been nothing of any interest to me. Some of it, like the current basketball player guy who’s on now and that I’ve never heard of, I’m just finding irrelevant and annoying. I’ll likely just shut it off soon.

Being cynical isn’t really in my nature, but the whole Adobe MAX thing seems to be little more than an excuse for Adobe to promote their products while dressing it all up as a must-see, must-experience pep rally that I’m really just not interested in being a part of. I just don’t get very excited by all the hype over an extra feature or two added to their software.

There’s the ticket price too. Last I looked it was something like $1500 to go to the live show.
The old Heidelberg print thing this morning was really interesting though.

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