McDonald's Releases Merchandise for Christmas

The fast food giant released a series of McDonald’s branded merchandise for the holidays in addition to their regular collection. How do you like the designs?


The designs are actually nice — particularly the sesame seed ornament. But I can’t come up with any fast food joint that I’d want honored on my Christmas tree. :wink:

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Sometimes people do buy stuff with an unrelated logo on it. I have a flying toaster tie, a Guinness mouse pad, and a Bugs Bunny coffee mug – all gifts. McDonald’s merchandise, nice design as they might be, are pretty low on my list (unless they pay me).

I like the boldness of the designs, but I’m having a tough time imagining anyone wanting to buy McDonald’s branded clothing — maybe little kids whose parents are OK with them starting life addicted to fast food and empty calories.

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The good thing about McDonald’s clothing is you can get the same shirt in any city in the world and it will smell just like you remember.

OOOHHHHH that gave me an idea, I want scratch and sniff French fry shirts.

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the sesame seed idea is tops, bravo!

I really, really like the ornament with the smile on it. I have an affinity for junk with faces on them.

You are no longer allowed to have any type of business without having “merch” to hawk to anyone and everyone…

That being said, as merch goes, I like what they have come up with. I actually like the hat and socks :smiley:

This is just sooooooo apropos!
Look how wide it is, LOL.


Lots of awesome ideas here, especially the sesame seeds on the Christmas ornament. However, I’m not sure running around as a ad for McDonald’s is the best idea.

That’s what it is - I thought it was McNuggets, actual size.

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