Medical Graphic Designer

What does a graphic designer design?

Since your title says Medical Graphic Designer, I’m gonna guess you are asking the totally obvious question of “What does a medical graphic designer design?”
Tell us what you think they design,
cuz this sounds like either a a freebie homework question
or a spam opening line.
I’m leaning toward the latter with your user name.

I was just reading and article yesterday that Medical Illustrators are in high demand right now due to the pandemic. They are the ones putting a visual on the scientific data. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming the OP already knows that though :grin:

I wondered why the charts looked skewed. LOL. Maybe it’s cuz the designers design and don’t read?
There’s a lot of conflation of data out there and I kinda guess that a designer won’t care as much as a medical person about the skewing they may inadvertantly be doing. I don’t particularly care about the number of positives going up (hear me out,) which is what newspapers put in their apocalypse headlines and hockey stick bar graphics. I care a lot more about the ratio of positives to negatives in all those tested. That gives me a percentage that I do care about.

Anyway, I believe true medical illustrators are required to be certified (or at least they used to be.) Too bad there isn’t any kind of cert program for graphic designers. :slight_smile:

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A graphic designer designs graphics. Just like a football player plays football.

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Is there even such a thing as a “Medical Graphic Designer”? I ask because I do not believe I’ver ever heard of this, and I’ve spent ten years of my career working for a pharmaceutical company.

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