Hi Hassan,

Not sure what you want exactly… so I’ll just give me comments!

It feels a bit darker than melancholy. It gives me an end of the world feeling… much heavier than melancholy.

Bye for now!

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What is the point of it? Did it have a brief? If so, what for? Is it just a piece of self-initiated artwork? Design needs a reason to exist, so we’d need some context before being able to give any sort of Crit?

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thank you for your reply , this is for a theatre play , i based it from the original script , the play is so darker than melancholy thing , the writer based the play on melancholia

this is for atheatre play

Ah ok. Do you want to say briefly what the play is about? So we can say if we think the poster matches the play?


it is about , group of people in hospital or something like that , they could not leave the hospital , they didi not see the light for along long time , live in a dark , they only see the light once a week by the doctor who have the tourch , they called him " the one who hold the light " .

If this is based on Melancholia. I’m not getting the group of people standing before one. What are they representing?

From what I remember it’s all centered around one family made up of 4. That ends up being just the two sisters and the child. The only group is at the wedding and they are all dressed up - then disperse after the bride has a mental collapse.

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If it is for a play, don’t you need to add your call to action? Such as where it plays, date and times, where to get tickets? Otherwise, it’s just an illustration, not graphic design.

I’m not coming up with a real play using the description you give. At least not with that title. Unless it’s a made up project.

Based on your description of the play, the followers, and the one alone make sense, but not quite in the way you’ve depicted, unless you are giving away a plot twist. The one leading should have the light, no?


Is this just fan art or is it an actual illustration to be used by the theater company. I’m just not sure of its purpose.

Melancholy is a benign type of temporary sadness. The artwork is more akin to a horde of mindless zombies in a hopelessly bleak apocalypse. I don’t see hospitals, patients or being trapped in a building.

These are promos from Melancholia … as I said I kind of see what you are doing, but I don’t get the group of people.

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Ha ha, then the brief is a total misinterpretation of that movie and the play based on the movie.
Interpretation is key to accurate communication.

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