Mental Illnesses Visualized

Federico Babina, designer and architect from Barcelona visually interprets mental illnesses. See the images and watch the video created by the artist.


OCD bothers me. It isn’t precise enough.


I looked at it and thought, “the figure isn’t centered.”

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It’s painful to look at. I’m in pain.

I was going to say the same thing. I think it’s accomplished what he set out to do. It made me uncomfortable and I don’t have OCD. So it causes just a brief taste of what some folks suffer with constantly.

Over all, these make me sad. They are very good … but they make me sad. So many people suffering. And they suffer in silence for the most part.

The video seems to capture the essence of the problems better than the still images alone.

I’ve had a lifelong issue with generalized anxiety, but I see no meaningful connections to the chains in the anxiety image — it’s more like never-ending static masking an approaching danger that is always just out of sight.


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