Menubar arrow; Is there a free font? (similar to Lucida Sans Unicode)

Hello all, At my site menubar I have a submenu. And I want to indicate that with an arrow (*). Lucida Sans Unicode has such an arrow, but that is a paid font.
Is there also a free alternative for that?

(*) See the arrow next to iMore, in the image below.


I don’t believe that is referred to as a font as it is an icon for navigation. It’s a caret or more specifically ui-icon-caret-1-s if you need a search term.

I’m not a coder … maybe someone with web experience can chime in :slight_smile:

I do see different folks call it different things. This place calls it fa fa angle down:

It looks like Font Squirrel has a free font called Cousine that has a similar icon. But, I know nothing of their User agreement.

look under the glyphs tab

The caret is a standard character in most fonts, but you’d need to turn it upside down using CSS for your purposes. Carets are typically narrower than what you’ve shown, though, and don’t align with the x-height. The same is true with circumflexes, which are similar in shape and in most any good font, but are used at cap height or higher as accent marks.

I didn’t check out the font RKK pointed to, so it might work. Here’s a link to a free symbol font with the glyph you’re looking for ( [Stroke 7 font ). Looks like it’s even available in WOFF file for use on the web.

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Thanx, for the comments. This is certainly useful ! :wink:

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This is for a website, right? Personally, I’d be inclined to use a PNG for this rather than unnecessarily adding additional bandwidth overhead by importing an entirely separate font just to get one glyph.

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Just a heads up @RedKittieKat all font awesome icons are named fa something. fa=font awesome. :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know. I will discuss it with the coder.

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