Meridian Globe AI/PS

Hi there!

Looking for some help trying to make a globe in this style. I contacted the artist and he basically said “I draw a circle and make some lines in Photoshop.”

I have tried is using a grid with 3D revolve in AI and don’t get anything super close.

Anywho, does anyone have any techniques they’ve used in the past or suggestions? I’ve tried searching on google for TUTs but am not having much luck.

I haven’t tried either one of these, but here’s a discussion I found on how to do it in Illustrator:

A second way might be to use Adobe Dimensions while making use of the information supplied in this video:

As for just free-handing them in Photoshop, um, I don’t think so.

Do you have Adobe Dimension?

You can build the globe pretty easily in AD, then save and bring it into illustrator/photoshop/microsoft paint (lol) to do the hand. That will make all the lines equidistant based on the 3d model so they won’t look 'wonky".


I have Adobe Dementia.

Why did they name it Dimension? My brain insists it should be plural since it simulates 3 dimensions (and sometimes 4) instead of just one. :thinking:

I don’t have dimensions :frowning:

Thanks for sharing! I’d actually came across that adobe article when trying to figure this out. And, it ALMOST gets the job done. The issue is that the lines are not equal in width :frowning: Also, you have to deal with all the lines in the background that you don’t want. And deleting them is definitely a PAIN, lol!


Dimension is part of the Creative Cloud, but maybe you’re limited to just Illustrator.

If I only had Illustrator, I’d probably import the globe with the meridian lines that you have onto a template layer and just draw over them. The latitude lines would all be simple ellipses, but you’d need to cut out the parts in back. I’d likely just use the pen too to create the longitude lines. Either way, though, sort of a pain in the butt for what seemingly is a simple project.

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You can do it in photoshop. Just import your grid onto a…I think it was a symbol. The details are fuzzy but you can.
Create a circle.
then create a D shape by deleting points on a circle you make.
Using 3D revolve on the D, and map the symbol to the object.

Ok. Sorry. Good luck.

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Maybe the original marketing idea was something like “You are now entering the Adobe Dimension.”?


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