Merry Christmas UI Design!

Hello Guys! How are you All? I am Alvi from Bangladesh.
Today I make a Brand New Design about Merry Christmas Event Landing Page.
Hope you will Like that. :blush:

Design Link :

Waiting for your Feedback.
And Thank you Again!


I don’t have time to read through all of it … but before you ever go live and invite folks to scrutinize your work … triple check it. You have it right in other places so I know this was just an oversight. But, these are the kinds of things that will lessen your appeal should a prospective client see it.

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Other than the glaringly obvious error,
when using a cursive font, you want to make sure your letter tails align with their pick-ups so the letters flow smoothly as if written with a pen. The attachment of the “i” to the “s” and the “t” to the “m” are particularly bad.

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You should triple check your grammar. I just saw a lot of errors in the text (misspellings and capitalized words that shouldn’t be capitalized, commas instead of periods). That’s something that will pop up to anyone looking at your design and distract them from appreciating your work. Attention to detail is one of the most important skills a graphic designer should have.

Other suggestions:

  • Put the title “Icon” within the red frame.
  • I noticed a misalignment of the text block on the preview section.
  • “Shanta” or “Santa”?
  • I’m not sure about using a cursive font for the buttons. That might cause a readability problem on web browsers. I think it would be better to use a clearer font like Open Sans or Robot.
  • Yes, as PrintDriver suggested, work on the kerning of the letter tails so they align.

Alvi, like others have said, your English grammar, punctuation, usage and spelling is not perfect. I can speak no Bengali, so you’re certainly ahead of me in language skills. Even so, if you’re intending your work to appeal to an English-speaking audience, your English writing needs to be much better or you will undermine your credibility with that audience.

No matter how talented you might be or how good your designs are, when they’re accompanied by errors, like a misspelling of Christmas, a strong signal is conveyed to someone viewing your work that you’re inclined to make critical mistakes. Few clients would be willing to take a chance on hiring someone who might just as easily make those same kinds of mistakes when working on their projects.

Becoming fluent in English writing and composition isn’t something easily done, but you need to find a way around this if your objective is to work with clients that use English. If at all possible, you might want to team up with someone who has the necessary writing skills.

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Thank you all for helping me to resolve my problems. I have changed my design & currect it. You may check it. I am trying my best.

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