Miami Building Collapse

This is sad and scary. There are still 51 people missing.

Someone caught the collapse from another building. It’s Twitter … so you have to click it to view it. I hate their sharing or should I say non-sharing ability :frowning:

Holy cow, that is terrifying. I’m thankful, but surprised that they were able to pull 35 survivors from that.

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Yeah, been watching the headlines on this today. Crazy.

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This kind of thing should never happen. “In the United States, buildings just don’t fall down like this,” Surfside mayor says, “It’s a catastrophe.”

No comfort to the victims and their families. The mystery behind this collapse just adds to the despair. People will want to know why but for now the focus is on finding survivors.

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I’m kinda shocked because we dont really hear about building just falling. There must have been something to cause the structure to fail.

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Truly shocking.

It’s hard to understand how something like this happens.
In Ireland there are major issues with some houses built where there was pyrite issues with foundations. And the latest scandal is Mica Building Blocks where the blocks are just crumbling and peoples houses are literally collapsing more and more day after day.

I’ve no idea if it’s same/similar issue over there - probably completely unrelated.

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Now 4 are confirmed dead with 159 missing.

It’s been sinking at an alarming rate since the 90’s. Someone dropped the ball or got paid to ignore it. I did hear the building was going through an inspection that wasn’t close to being completed. We have our share of shady building contractors as well as officials that let them get away with it. There is dirty pool sometimes when bidding on jobs and who’s palm is going to get greased. It’s speculation of course, but this could very well be one of those situations and shortcuts were taken to save/keep money and now it’s cost lives :frowning:

I’m sure we will be hearing more on this.

It just makes me so sad for these families. So many had just arrived for vacations. All they were thinking about was having some fun and relaxing :frowning:

I just read this as well - they all came here for Covid vaccines.

Paraguay’s First Lady Silvana López Moreira has arrived in Florida as the search continues for her sister and the family of her sister, following the building collapse.

The first lady, her parents and her brother in law’s parents arrived in Florida Thursday.

The sister of the first lady, Sophia López Moreira, her husband Luis Pettengill and their three children had travelled to the United States to receive Covid-19 vaccinations when the Miami building collapsed, according to Paraguay’s Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo.

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