Miami HEAT Vice Uniform

Brand identity fashion design for Miami HEAT.



All I can think of is this:


:smiley: Miami sure does love it’s pink and blue :smiley:


Yeah, I see what they’re going for. I’m just not sure we’re at a point where we can look back on 90s style and design with nostalgia, yet.

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Crockett and Tubbs, baby!

I wonder if this is on Netflix. It would probably be hysterical to watch a couple of episodes. We’d need to come up with a Miami Vice drinking game first.

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I thought it was the other day when I was browsing … but turns out it was a movie remake. However upon further searching … Hulu has it :smiley:

Spain ceded Florida to the United States for $5 million dollars … that’s about $100 million dollars in today’s money … and in today’s money the Miami Heat are valued at 1.7 billion dollars.

I don’t think the Spanish saw any of this coming.


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