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Please share the stunning photos created from Midjourney

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go here:

And do something more original than copyrighted comic characters.

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You have missed the joy of AI. Come up with your own brand of Super Hero. Something new and unexpected. You aren’t going to want to hear this, but these “creations” are no different than downloading an image from Marvel and saying you created it.


Interesting! I didn’t use Midjourney but another AI creator

From AI Chat GPT
Name: Quantum

Power: Quantum Manipulation - the ability to manipulate and control quantum particles at will, allowing for various effects such as teleportation, time manipulation, and energy projection.

Costume Description: Quantum’s costume is a sleek, black and silver bodysuit made of a high-tech, lightweight material that enhances the user’s agility and durability. The costume has a built-in helmet with a full-face visor that protects the wearer’s identity while allowing them to see in various spectrums, such as infrared and ultraviolet.

The most unique feature of Quantum’s costume is the glowing, pulsating orb located on their chest. This orb represents the quantum energy that Quantum manipulates and controls, and it serves as a visual indicator of the hero’s power level. As Quantum expends more energy, the orb glows brighter and emits a humming sound.

To complement their powers of teleportation and time manipulation, Quantum’s costume also includes a set of sleek, silver wristbands that allow the hero to easily control and manipulate time and space. The wristbands are adorned with various buttons and dials, giving Quantum precise control over their abilities.

Overall, Quantum’s costume is both functional and stylish, perfectly complementing their unique powers of quantum manipulation.


Keyword summary from GPT
superhero quantum particles teleportation, time manipulation, and energy projection. costume is a sleek, black and silver bodysuit made of high-tech, lightweight material with a built-in helmet that has a full-face visor, glowing, pulsating orb on their chest that represents their quantum energy and a set of silver wristbands that allow them to control time and space

Here are other ideas the AI came up