Midjourney prompt help - woman and dog in a car

Hello…not a newbie to Midjourney but having a LOT of trouble getting this to happen. =) I’m trying to get a rear view of a 40 year old woman with blonde hair, driving away in an older red convertible mustang, with her German Shepherd in the passenger seat. The dog ends up everywhere, coming out of the hood, etc. the woman ends up everywhere - back seat, outside the car, etc. sometimes she’s just teeny tiny. I should also mention the steering wheel can appear on either side of the car or not at all.
" 40 year old blonde woman driving a classic red mustang convertible, in the driver’s seat, a German Shepherd in the passenger seat, surrounded by tall trees next to the highway"
any help appreciated!

Try changing the order of your prompts. It may be reading “in the driver’s seat” as pertaining to the dog (I got a bunch of dog drivers until I switched that.)
Got to admit, even changing up the words, I got some pretty weird and very unsatisfactory results.

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I agree with PD. Try re-wording.

I tried your prompt on NightCafe and of the 4x I tried … not once was the dog in the car. On the car … ln the hood … sticking out the trunk … and sitting on the side of the road with a bear LOL.

I don’t have much luck when having people and animals together. One or the other seems to be ok. I’ve had to give up on certain prompts because once the AI gets an idea … there’s no getting rid of it. I was trying to have an older woman holding a cat in her lap a while back. It sort of got the idea. But, it also thought that meant I wanted one growing out of her shoulder :rofl:

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve tried rewording, and tried different AI applications and the closest I got was the dog in the back seat and woman in the front. Some pretty hysterical results, (dog driving while woman sat in the back), random people thrown in etc. Maybe I’ll try for a dog in the car and try to photoshop it with a lady in the car. =) I’ll keep trying! Thank you for trying!

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Try Leonardo ai

It can take a basic drawing sketch and turn it into AI generated

Pretty fun it nothing else

Like how much a rainbow weighs, turns out it’s pretty light.

just tried leonardo…ended up with a woman with german shepherd hands on one, and a german shepherd driving a pickup truck. =) so yes, it was fun. had a good giggle. =)

What’s even more fun is, after mucking around with this for a bit (with no good results,) I did a web search for image woman in red convertible. Several of those stock photos (one in particular) had shown up in the AI imagery I had been generating.

I highly recommend anyone using AI image generation for work projects do a reverse image search before using any generated images. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen direct hits to recognizable stock images. And some stock companies (namely Getty) will charge you through the nose if they feel you’ve used their imagery in your work, even if it is “derivative.”

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thanks PD! that’s good to know!