MidJourney Prompt Help

Forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong forum but I’m looking for some MidJourney Prompt experts

I want to do an image with a solid dark green background (later I will animate the image and will be using chroma key to remove green screen)

my prompt looks something like this:

**PROMPT: Draw a beautiful business woman against a solid green background. Her business clothing should NOT be any shade of green. Blazer is red, blouse is blue and pants are red. NO clothing should be the same color as the background.

No matter how I word the prompt, MidJourney always colors one of the clothing the same color as the background color. When I go to chroma key, the clothing that is the same color as the background will be effected.

Any clue how I can get midjourney to not color any of the clothing the same color as the background?

Thanks in Advance

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<<< Not an expert. All I can tell you is sometimes MJ gets stuck in a loop and no matter what you do it won’t change. I had the same issue when I tried to make Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. No matter what I tried or how I worded it … the deer would be inside the sleigh … I mean literally inside the sleigh. It was formed around them. I had to scrap the idea.

I would strongly suggest you join the chat section of their Discord and see if someone can give you pointers. Just be careful. There are prompt hoarders all over. They will deliberately give you wrong info.

Good luck.

What if you don’t even mention the background? Sometimes AI will pick up on a prompt and disregard the qualifiers.

Based on my decades of video and photo editing experience, chroma-key green is always a bright green (never dark green). Also, it’s easy to change anything in the woman’s clothing in either Photoshop or Illustrator by selecting just the portion of the garment that is the wrong color and changing the color phase to another complimentary color like blue or red in the shade you like. Do it properly and all of the folds and various shades of the color you choose will phase the same as the green color you need to alter. Simple.

Chromakey can be blue too. But usually it’s a cross between chartreuse and kelly green. I did an install on a virtual set once, it was so cool to see the camera feed showing me in a full digital universe while standing in a big green box. :slight_smile: