Midjourney prompt help

Hi, I need help, I’m trying to make this image (which I included as a link to my prompt) to be in the middle of a dune in the desert surrounded by Arabs on donkeys. I don’t want the structure to change but to stay the same. What would you suggest I write? I tried so many prompts and nothing works :frowning: I’m using midjourney BTY

What ya got so far?

Just ask Midjourney to make a desert with Arabs on donkeys then photoshop that image into it.
Sheesh, use some skill.
(or not.)

This isn’t the help you wanted, but consider the scale difference between a donkey and the size of those buildings. Look at the entry doors — they’re tiny because those are large buildings. A bunch of people on donkeys surrounding the buildings would be, perhaps, half as high as the entry doors.

Maybe the OP doesn’t want a literal translation. More a clash of cultures statement perhaps.
Considering the building is marked Tel Aviv…