Migrating over to Typeface from FontExplorer?

The instructions from Typeface (FontExplorer X - Typeface App) say to follow /Users//FontExplorer X/Font Library. However, these folders have maybe 1% of the fonts in the program:

All of the fonts instead seem to be located here and coded as .fexfont.

What steps should I be taking here?

Hi LadyJemima, the fonts are typically located in the folder of your first screenshot: /Users/username/FontExplorer X/Font Library. That’s the standard location where FontExplorer stores your fonts.

This location can be changed in FontExplorer settings, so if not all fonts are in this folder perhaps the setting has been changed. You can right click (or Control-click) on a font in FEX then choose ‘Reveal in Finder’ to view its location on your Mac. Or open FontExplorer Settings then choose the ‘Advanced’ tab. This will show you if your font files are organised by FEX and where they are stored.

Your second screenshot shows some app specific metadata about fonts, these .fexfont files are unrelated to your original font files.

So, this is weird. It shows as the normal path, but really, very few of the fonts are in the Font Library folder. However…

There’s a SUB-folder titled “Font Explorer X Pro Fonts” WITHIN the parent folder that does contain all of the fonts. How…bizarre? Should I just select the “Font Library” parent, as shown?

Yes you can simply import the Font Library parent folder.