Milestone contest at Dreamstime (stock image site)

If you have a credit package at Dreamstime, you might want to check out their milestone contest. Today, they hit a new milestone of 190 million images online. When they hit these milestone numbers, Dreamstime awards a prize to both the artist who uploaded it and one of the people who buy it. I’ve noticed they award the buyer’s prize (a decent-sized credit package) after about 3-5 people buy the image, and a lot of these milestone images never seem to get enough downloads (even though it takes so few). It seems like a contest where the odds are much more in your favor than most. If you want to see the ones still up for grabs, take a look at their contest page (I’m not able to post the direct link, but you can find it by going to the footer of the Dreamtime page, clicking on “Community”, and then clicking on “Contest”. I’m still new here, so I may be missing how to post a direct link. Let me know if there’s a way for me to post it.) All the images that say “Designer prize … winner: TBA” haven’t yet gotten enough purchases. If you decide to participate, I wish you the best of luck!

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Just-B, thanks! I appreciate it.

Here is the direct link to Dreamstime’s contest info page: Photography and Design Contests by Dreamstime