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Hello all,

I would like to ask where can i find images in style like on plastic airplane model box - but for commercial use ? (you anyone know any stock with that kind of images, or some free/for buy archive?)

Please supply a photo of what you’re referring to.

The OP is referring to this stuff.

You aren’t going to find this in legit stock sites.
You will have to contact the artist directly.
Like this guy maybe:
or this space:

It is NOT going to be free. It certainly is not going to be cheap either.
If you see this kind of art for free, more than likely it is pirated.

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I figured that was a possibility, but I wanted to be clear. No need to assume.


Short article on two actual model box artists.

If I had to acquire these for an “editorial” historical exhibit, I’d contact the agent of the artist whose art we want. Would still most likely have to pay big bucks.
For commercial use, I can’t even imagine the price tag, if you could get the rights at all.

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Slightly off topic … John Steel, my childhood hero, did a lot of illustrations for Revell scale model box covers.

Yeah, I think I did every single WWII aircraft model Revell had. Had em all hanging from the ceiling in my room, surrounding the model of the USS Enterprise (ST-TOS)

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I was just a kid, but it’s a classic case of buying the product for the packaging. My very first one? P-51 Mustang.

P-40 Flying Tiger. Yup, packaging. Lookin’ Fierce!
Funny how you remember that stuff. I remember going back and getting a new kit too, once I got good at painting, and redoing it.

Yes! Model kit box art is high-impact stuff. I built many armor and then racecar kits, but early on, warplanes were in the mix too. Strongest in memory are the P40 Flying Tiger (was there a kid that could see that box art and not want it?), and the Messerschmitt BF109e. The F4U Corsair (box art) always caught my eye too, but I never built one. [/geek]

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My last one was HMS Victory (Lord Nelson’s flagship) when my eyesight started to fail me. Yup, illustrated by John Steel as well.

Thank you PrintDriver.
That’s why im asking I do not want to break any copyright.

Can I also ask how did you found this artists?

It’s part of what I do for a living. Google can be your friend once you eliminate the Pinterest, ebay and pirated wallpaper images. A search for model airplane box artists brings up a few legit sources with credited images, then you start to gather names from the related searches. I got a handful of names in about 10 minutes during my lunch break. More if I really tried hard.

If you have an image, you can try to do a Reverse Image Search, again Google does this fairly well. You may have to wade through pages of pinterest crap, and a lot of the bogus sites will even crop the images tighter to eliminate the artist’s signature, which is usually fairly prominent… But if you find a blog article that credits the photo, you’ve hit paydirt.

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Once again thank you PrintDriver.

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