Minimal Design Practice Feedbacks

Hello guys, I would like to hear your reviews regarding these designs I attached.
I’m thinking of creating an INSTA page posting my minimal designs so I want some honest feedback first.
Thank you in advance


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Are these applied art or fine art?

Applied art, under which graphic design would fall, has a purpose or goal or specific role to fill. If these are applied art, I’d ask you what is their purpose? Without knowing the purpose, it’s tough to give an informed critique.

You can argue that fine art has a purpose in that the artist might want to convey an emotion or send a message, but, in general, fine art is more about the aesthetic value. As fine art, I would not hang them on my wall. Sorry. That doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t love to.

Thanks for your feedback Steve, Highly appreciate it.
These abstracts are to deliver a certain emotion or represent a concept through minimal grayscale colors.

These look like pretty cool album covers. :sunglasses:

Which brings me to the following idea:

How would you reimagine the covers of your 10 favourite tracks? It would be cool to have a soundtrack to go along your graphics.

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