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I would like some advice on how I should start a project. Im doing a 3 page pdf for a it startup company. They want it to be sleek, minimal and somewhat futuristic. also fresh and modern. The layout is basically just text for each page.

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How do you usually start a project?

I usually start by defining the purpose of the piece and then organising the content. If there is content missing, I’ll investigate getting more content (such as stock photography). Have you been supplied all the text, logos and images?

Is the PDF to be downloaded only, or will it be printed? 3 pages is an odd number for print. Is it 3 pages, single sided, or 1 double sided, 1 single sided? Usually you would print sheet and fold in half so you have 4 pages total. No point paying for 4 pages when you only use 3.

they gave me the text to go with each page and the logo. Its an informative pdf to show what their product is about. I dont think its going to be printed, just for web

Knowing whether or not it is being printed is a very important parameter. While you can create something lightweight for web, it’s very hard to make the lightweight thing printable. If you make it heavy duty for print, it is more possible to make it lightweight for web.

Since you say it’s text heavy and the number of pages are limited, and assuming that you already know what text will appear on which page, you should first figure out a rough layout for the text (1 or 2 columns) and the page orientation (landscape or portrait). Then work on the rest of the design.

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