Minimum font size for "Jr. Poster" Billboard (5 by 11ft)

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to rent several so-called “Jr. Poster” billboards (about 5 by 11ft), displaying several paragraphs of text (black text on white background).

I was wondering, what is the minimum font size I should use? I’m aware that this ultimately depends on the viewing distance and other factors, but I was wondering if you have suggestions. Some of the paragraphs are rather long and obviously I’d like to include everything, preferably not having to cut down the text more than I already have.

Just curious about your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for your time!

You answered you’re own question, and you are right.

If these are true roadside billboards, it doesn’t do you any good to print more text than can be read in 5 seconds, the speed of the average car going by a billboard.

As for font sizes, print some out, tape em to a wall, preferably at the end of a long hallway or outside on the building, then start backing up to your estimated viewing distance. Print out something that isn’t a word, so your eye doesn’t fill in the word for you. Better too is if you can bring a companion along who doesn’t know what letters you used.

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