Mobile app development

Hi, can I please ask for your feedback on this assignment, many thanks


Quick-N-Tasty Pizza would like a mobile device app that users can access on their phones and tablets. This app will be available on the popular app stores (Google Play, Apple App Store).
It will target college students mainly, with a different deal each day. The app should allow the user to choose options such as pizza type, size and toppings.

Advice Part One

Discuss and clarify the purpose of the product with experts and confirm with them the production requirements. Here are some of my thoughts…

• To inform the demographic about the products available and service
• Promote and encourage sales with a modern and interactive app
• Promote and encourage sharing with student friends
• Promote value, variety and customisation
• Establish a relationship
• Value for money
• Convenient and quick to use
• Personal service
• Variety

Advice Part 2

Can I please get your advice on the attached chart (wire frames come next). Is there anything I have missed? Is it easy to use?

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