Mobile design Critique and input

hey guy please am new to this design thing, And I have been looking for some criticism on my latest work, And please I use Figma, if possible just make you changes
this is the link on Figma


please remove the ‘‘https’://’

I’m not even sure what this app is supposed to be. It would be helpful you you provided a breif of what you’re trying to accomplish.

As for the ascetics of the app and typography. There are some inconsistencies. In terms of layout, i dont even know where I should look first. Id refine the layout and use hierarchy & contrast to better iron out the UI.

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it is supposed to be a UI for a school app

I would definitely move that one to the right and have the other go in between the other 2 the last 3 should be even with the top 4 that need to be wider, then you are all set!

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