Mobile Resposive CSS Design

Hello Everyone,
I am not good with CSS so I would like to know how properly manage font-size in a hybrid mobile app.
Options that I know are
CSS prop :

Which of them are best or is there another option that I don’t know ?
Please help me on this one ?

Thank you in advance

I use VW and media queries depending on the circumstance. The best decision is to learn them all the decide what to use on a best-case scenario

Thank you for the reply.

I would not like to use media query but I am using vw .
Any other option?

mostly I use vw but for getting the best responsive site CSS is helpful.

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The definition of Responsive website design is that a website which responds to the requirement of the user and also responsive to the devices which they are using. Here are some tips on how to make your CSS design responsive. First of all set a good view port, it will help the browser of the user to control the page dimensions and scaling. Then you can use CSS media queries to increase the response of your website. Always make the breakpoints related to the content but never on any brand, product or device. Also keep the characters of each line from 70 to 80. Next you can do is design a content which can fit on small screen. It will help you keep the number of breakpoints to minimal. You should always be careful when choosing what content to show and what to hide depending on the size of screen. Finally you can check how your webpage is looking with different viewpoints with Chrome DevTools. If all this seems too much then you can always get help from an experienced professional. I also take help from a website RevGlue from time to time. revglue(.)com/bespoke is where you can explore what they are offering. Any how that is all i can help, hope you like it and use it to your benefit.

Thanks for Sharing New Property mobile responsive Css design.

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