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Good day,
I just wanted to ask some opinion.

I had been a self taught graphic designer for a quiet a long and been working online for almost 5 years now. While working on diverse different projects on design, I got into the field of work UI design for mobile application.

As the years go by, I always have this opportunity to work as UI design for mobile application. Eventually, I learn to love this new field of being a UI/UX Design.
(I am not a pro and I still consider myself as Junior in UI design).

Furthermore, I got frustrated because since last year and this year the I was having a hard time getting a job in this field. So I am pursuing my UI/UX design in a professional way by educating myself.

And at the same time I wanted to have a part-time work while studying.

I am asking for all the Pro in UI/UX design, am I need to go back as a plain graphic designer to get a freelance job while continue educating myself in UI/UX design?

Or I need to stick with my niche which I really love and that is being a UI/UX designer.
I don’t want to become a “jack of all trade” master of nothing.


As a freelancer, you’re only as good as your portfolio shows. Unless you have compelling work that showcases your experience in UX design, I would not sell yourself as a UX designer. You’ll need to build your experience enough so that you’re confident to take on the challenges of such an opportunity. I don’t think you need a formal education, but you should consider some type of education (online courses, local classes) to help move you along and give you the confidence to charge for your UX skills.

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Thank you @SurfPark
Last year, during my free time I indulge myself in Online courses today. During the course, I realize that I need to learn many things in order for me to confident in my skills. Also, I have a chance to understand the job of a UX Designer. I need to bring a strong portfolio in order for me to stand out and land a job effectively.

Frankly speaking, I don’t like up-to-date designs.

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