Mockup Question

Hello, I am looking for a way to take an existing photo, for example, a man reading a book on a beach, and replace the cover of the book in the existing image with a specific book cover. Is this possible without photoshop?

You’ll need an image editing/compositing application/program of some kind.
Photoshop just happens to be the most notable, but there are other options such as Affinity Photo.

If you need something free, there’s Gimp.

If you’re a masochist you could even use MS Paint.

Thank you for the alternative suggestions. No to MS Paint :slight_smile:

I will also add that depending on how you are using the final updated image, you will need to keep in mind obvious things such as distorting the book cover image to match the original photos composition. However you may need to also make adjustments to color, lighting, shadows, reflections, etc. That is if you are going for a true photo realistic final image.

Thank you. Full disclosure, I am not a designer. I was looking for some kind of generator where I could do this as Canva does not have this ability.

There are paid services out there that create mockups. They have staged shots where you upload, for example, your book cover and then download the mockup. I’ve never used them personally since I don’t need to create mockups generally and if I needed to I could do it on my own in PhotoShop.

Since I’ve never used them I can’t speak to quality or cost, and I’m not sure if the mods are good with linking to sites like those or not.

Bottom line a simple google search of “easy mockups no graphic design experience” pulled up a few sites that would probably work for you.

Thanks Craig. I haven’t found any of those services where you can use your own photo and transform it into a mockup template without experience and photoshop. It may not exist but was more of a wish list item for me…

If you google for what I listed above, there are a few that came up. There was even one that integrated directly into Canva.

There’s a website called placeit where I think you can upload designs onto mockups online.