Mojave OS and Adobe Cloud compatibility

Has anyone done the full conversion to Mojave and updated to the latest Photoshop and Illustrator versions?

I usually wait a couple months before making the full switch as there are always unforeseen issues.

I updated to the latest Photoshop and Illustrator versions a few weeks ago when they were just released, and they started crushing randomly. So I went back to the previous versions. A lot of people were having the same problem, and you can search for the topic on the Adobe forum. My coworker received a message from Adobe saying the most recent versions will only work on the latest operating systems, so…

what OS do you have now?

Yeah that’s what happened with me, so I just reverted to 2018 versions for now.

We’re using High Sierra for now. That’s why I’m asking because when I updated the Adobe software from the cloud it started doing the red screen thing (easily fixable) and then started to bog down here or there - just like srp2752. I went back to 2018 for now.

I plan on updating everything once I know it’s all stable.

I’m still running Sierra too. I see no compelling reason to upgrade — either with the OS or the Adobe apps.

I just today updated my laptop to Mojave. For the simple reason it was still on El Capitan and the Adobeware update wouldn’t download. I’m having so many other problems with such a big leap in OS that Adobe is, at the moment, the least of my worries.

Right now I’m running Mojave and the latest Adobe(except InDesign, cause school still has 2018, and backwards compatibility is always… meh, with ID), and I personally haven’t had any issues, except when I was test driving ID 2019, with my external monitor it kept flashing a black screen for 2/3 seconds at a time. Constantly. Don’t know if it’s just a bug in how ID interacts with the monitor, or what. Other than that, I’ve been lucky.

Now I’ve moved on to using Illustrator 2019 with Mojave.
No glitches of a software nature.
They’ve just rearranged where the tools are located. I’m sure it’s supposed to make things “more efficient” (NOT.) It just took me 30 minutes to do a 10 minute drawing. Grrrr.

And another thing. I’m a 50+ year old production artist. Adobe’s intro interfaces are geared more toward kindergartners than adults.
Hey Adobe! Grow Up!

You are so right. Adobe is constantly trying to sell their next big thing before they’ve even figured it out.

I’m going to wait until after the season. That should give them enough time to work out any bugs.

What is probably happening there is that ID is having trouble interfacing with your graphics card. AI has the same problem too (red screen for instance). I’d try trashing your ID preferences and restart so your computer will “look for” the card again.

I used to reset P-RAM to fix this kind of thing using Tech Tool lol.

Tech Tool?
Command+Option+P+R on a startup didn’t work?

Yeah. You’re absolutely right about the startup shortcut. I haven’t used the shortcut since I had a G4 and was unaware it was still an option.

I don’t use it anymore because of the issues reported (basically just like Norton), but I used to use Tech Tool as part of the basic maintenance schedule - permissions and defrag… all the stuff that supposedly isn’t necessary on the last few Mac OS’s. It worked really well in a PC and Mac mixed business (back then).

I used to have 3 computers running all the time at one of my jobs because one would be doing calculations on a large scale job (a billboard for example). meanwhile one machine would be running diagnostics, and I’d be working on the other one.

Amazing how far we’ve come. Those same billboard calculations would take my current computer about 30 seconds to draw - back then 30-40 minutes just to render at 8’ x 40’ @ 120dpi.

I used to use TechTools as well, back in the day.
I still don’t trust the mac to run its own diagnostics and there are several machines we do shut down at night, so I use either Terminal commands or Titanium Software’s OnyX, for monthly maintenance.

Yeah me neither. I have Sophos for antivirus, but I’m an idiot when it comes to Terminal commands. I’ll look into OnyX. Thanks!

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