Moldy Whopper Burger?

Unexpected campaign from Burger King borrows from the internet memes of “Big Mac that doesn’t rot” and the “beauty of mold”. You can also watch the film.


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Daring! Attention grabbing for sure!

This reminds me of an opposite story here in Utah, where one of the television stations ran a story on a 20-year-old McDonald’s hamburger that looked pretty much like it did just after it was cooked.

That story even reached us in the Netherlands, quite interesting though.

Anyway, this is quite attention grabbing indeed and very effective!


This campaign produces a certain amount of cognitive dissonance. On the hone hand, it’s interesting, unique, and creative. On the other hand, it is incredibly unappetizing. That said, it I was ever in a pinch and the only two choices were Burger King and McDonald’s, I suppose this would push me to Burger King.

Between McD and BK, the only choice is BK.
BK doesn’t argue with me about putting just ketchup on my burger.

No, nope, nopie, never, nyet, nein.
Not a BK fan, this is the final nail in that coffin.
Wendy’s is where it’s at.

I don’t eat McDonald’s or Burger King, but I did not know about no artificial preservatives in the Burger King ‘food’. It gets the point across beautifully with stunning photography. I would imagine, however, that the image of mouldy food will put off most people.

As incredibly unappetizing as this is … BK is usually my choice if I want a take out burger. I don’t eat fast food much at all. I prefer cooking my own food. I have a bit of a paranoia about not “seeing” my food prepared. I think I’ve watched too many exposées (sp)

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