Monday Mornings

Does anyone else have motivation problems on Monday mornings? I hope I’m not the only one. And it’s only on Mondays. Tuesday through Friday, I can get to my desk and start working right away. Monday? I don’t feel like working until after lunch.

In the spirit of procrastination, what did you do this weekend?

I ended up with a two and a half day. The forecast for Saturday was rain all day. So I took off at Noon on Friday to go for a bike ride. I figured I’d ride while it was sunny and work on Saturday while it was rainy. Turns out, it didn’t rain on Saturday, so I spent a big chunk of the day doing yard work and never got around to the design work that I had planned on doing.

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It’s not usually morning for me. Anxiety begins building up if I’m not working during the mornings. It’s usually mid-afternoon when the desire to stop kicks in, so I’ll typically do something else for a while and work into the evenings.

I got a late-night Sunday text message from a hospital client in NYC saying she’d call me first thing in the morning. New York being two hours ahead of me, I was up bright and early waiting for the call. Four hours later, and I’m still waiting. Luckily, I have some other jobs to work on, but this kind of thing is rude and often an expensive waste of time. I’ll give it another hour, then text her while doing my best to not come across as not too annoyed.

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With me it’s more like hating to start a project. Any project, any day, any hour. Once it’s sorted out and up and running that’s fine, but that initial start, ugh. And bids. It takes me a long bit of time to push past that first initial feeling of Idontwanna

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Any “mornings” are hard for me. I’m so not a morning person. Yet if I have a Doc appt or something I want it as early as possible to get it out of the way or my anxiety about going just festers if I have to wait around until 2 or so :wink:

I didn’t do anything this weekend either. Still felt under the weather from the vaccine. Nothing bad … just blah and tired. I had a small fever and cold chills the first couple days and then just achy and blah. Today is the first day I’m feeling somewhat back to my old self.

Yay :smiley:

I might make meatloaf tonight. I’ve got a hankerin’ for it :wink:

Work is what gets me up in the morning. It’s the same working from home, perhaps more so. That and the daily trivia questions…

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